Well?   Submit   NOT SAFE FOR WORK AN 18+ ONLY! Gay male living in the Forida Panhandle... my addictions and attractions...All things fur! Love bears, cubs, daddies, jocks, water sports, cum, foreskin, chubs and especially silverdaddy bears

Some pics are of me personally and my partner... Other pics I claim no particular ownership to. They turned me on in some way or other.



megarawr, the bottom guy in this i love, such a husky daddy body, love the filming from the front and sides of this man.  the other guy is hot too but the guy on all 4s reminds of a big texas rancher workin in the sun, and SO voluptuous.  gorgeous mantits, strong back and neck, cute face, what more could you want ♥

Will always repost this one! Woof

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